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Tricks for Successful Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is a versatile way to promote your business products and services. Here, are few effective tricks for successful postcard marketing campaign.

Goal setting

Postcard marketing is a wonderful way to generate quick responses from your target audience. For successful postcard market campaign, you need to set a specific goal to work on. First decide, what you actually want to achieve from your target market after launching postcard marketing campaign?

Postcard Message

You should be clear about your message you want to say your target market. A postcard has very limited space so each every word counts. Postcard should contain Call-to-Action words that can encourage your readers to respond positively after reading postcard information. Only promote product benefits on postcard instead of product description. Headline should be bold and bullet the benefits, if possible.

Postcard Design

The most essential part of postcard marketing is the design of postcard. A good design of postcard can generate a number of positive responses from the target audience. If you cannot design yourself, hire a professional designer for postcard designing. Don’t think about the budget at this stage because a poorly designed postcard can backfire against your business. If your postcard is unimpressive people can get negative impression about your products and services. On the other hand, a well-designed postcard can generate lots of positive responses from your customers because it can grab recipients’ attention and make them happy.

Offer Something of Value

Invite your target audience through postcard to try out or purchase your products and services and offer them something valuable to encourage them to visit your store. For instance, you can offer discount who will visit your store with postcard.


If you have time you can plan your own printing, it is perfectly fine for a small number of postcards. However, for large bulk of postcards you should hire a professional printing service at reasonable rates. The time and energy you save from printing you can use it on other aspects of your business.

Consider right target audience

To get positive a response from your target audience, make sure your postcards will send to the right people. Create an in-house mailing list and update it from time to time. If you don’t have time to create in-house mailing list you can buy it from a reputable marketing broker.

By following these simple tricks you can get your desired response from your target market without even spending too much money.

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