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Things to Avoid When Choosing a Gift Card Provider

Gift cards are an important part of sales for many businesses. First Data reports that the number of gift cards sold during the first half of 2010 grew significantly over the number sold during the same period in 2009. Sellers experienced a year-over-year monthly sales increase from February through June. April was the peak month with a 12.8 percent jump in sales.

In these tough economic times, it is vitally important for a business to develop a strong gift card program. Here are 5 tips and suggestions that will help your company prosper in this important part of growing a business.

1. Do not choose a plastic gift card printing company without doing adequate research. It is important to find a plastic card printer who understands your business and with whom you can build a long-term relationship. Some companies try hard not only to make money for themselves, but also to find creative ways to increase your profit margins. Ask for references; then ask appropriate questions of customers of the companies you are considering using. A key question is: -How helpful is this plastic gift card printer in dealing with issues and resolving problems?-

2. Avoid going to a company that doesn’t offer a complete menu of services. Your plastic card printer should have an art department to help you design your card and a well-developed step-by-step process that keeps you in charge. If they have upgrades and options, it will be easier to find exactly the product that you want and need. The company should have customer service representatives who work well with you.

3. Don’t fail to evaluate a plastic card printer’s attitude and the company’s corporate culture. You need a company whose employees are passionate about their work. Their attitude will be demonstrated by excellent performance in such things as a short lead time and an excellent on-time delivery record.

4. Do not seek a gift cards manufacturer based on price alone. A company manufacturing in America may cost a little more than one located in a foreign country. Having the capacity to quickly resolve problems and make quick changes, however, will be far more important than the difference in cost.

5. Avoid doing business with a manufacturer who does not practice the highest standard of ethics. In your customers mind, the quality of your gift card is a direct reflection of your business. Ryan Burke is a principal with Plastic Print Solutions. a plastic card printer located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Plastic Print Solutions is a leader in online ordering of bulk and individual gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and other printed plastic card needs. Ryan can be reached at 877.889.1969 or .

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