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Postcard Marketing to Existing and New Customers

The certain thing about direct marketing campaign is cost effective and brings fast results. This is the oldest way of marketing. You can choose postcards for direct mailing purpose. This is the simplest strategy to reach out to your targeted audience. You need to be consistent in this type of marketing strategy.

There are two types of postcard marketing campaign; Draw new customers Keep existing customers

Drawing new customers can be seemed difficult yet important. However, if you pay attention closely, you can see how profitable and easy it is. Existing customers already know about the quality of your products and services. So, convincing them to buy your products is not a difficult task compared to new customers.

Starting from the point of mailing can be helpful. You need to design postcard especially for them. Here are some ideas to for the next postcard marketing campaign of you.

Say a discount for 5- 10 percent for the every purchase or offer buy one get one free option. This way you can encourage your new and existing customers to buy from you.

Offer something valuable such as free gifts, sample.

If you are running online business, you can print code on the postcard, this way they will enter that code to your website and will buy from you to get something at discount.

You can send subscription form at the back of the postcard and ask your customers to fill and send back to you for free subscription. You can even add a survey form.

For mailing purpose, you need to target on demographics such as age, gender, or class etc. when you create a right mailing list. The best way to follow your mailing list is to send postcard of your list in the first week, of list in the second week and so on- However, always send same postcard for the whole marketing campaign. Segmenting doesn’t require different designs. Don’t forget to put your logo. Use bright font color and professional font text. You should be consistent in sending postcard to the same customers over and over again. If you do this effectively, you can successfully build credulity of your business in the eye of your customers. Thus, follow these simple guidelines and get the results of your marketing campaign immediately. You will definitely recommend this strategy to others, once you tried it!

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