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Magnetic Notice Boards For Your Home Office

Magnetic notice boards are a great idea for your home office; they can be used to record messages while bringing a little bit of fun into the working day. Any office gets messy and a little unorganised and to have a dedicated place where you can leave reminders and notes can be really helpful to keep things neat and tidy.

I recently visited an home based business where they had a large magnetic notice board on one wall of the room, which was where they wrote the monthly retainer work they had alongside odd jobs that had come in with who was responsible for each task next to them. They had written on the board with dry-wipe pens which is another great advantage of a magnetic notice board because it can be quickly and easily wiped clean to start all over again. They also had individual smaller boards next to each of their desks where they wrote their to do lists or left themselves reminders for later on in the week. They felt this really kept them organised and with a few magnets dotted around here and there they were also able to pin important notes to the board. One employee had even brought in a couple of photos of her family and magnetically pinned them to the board by her desk and another had a postcard from a friend in a on holiday in the Galapagos Islands a place she says she has always wanted to visit.

There are a variety of magnets you can get to either keep things in place or provide yourself with a little bit of harmless entertainment. One good example is the packs of different words you can get, so you can make poems up or miniature little stories, might be a good moments distraction during your lunch break or a point when you just need to get away from your desk to think about something else before going back to the matter at hand.

An office really isnt an office without a notice board, with so many notes flying around and messages to pass on they can really be a useful business tool.

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