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How To Use Basic Technical Details About Color Postcard Printing

Postcard printing needs to be understand before you go through the basic and technical details of the printing process. To get the success, you don’t only need printing. Postcard printing is the simplest process but you need to know the different technical and basic aspects of color postcard printing. This way, you can be sure that your postcard will be highly acceptable to all postal services and your readers. Here we go;

Postal service customary templates

The size of postcard printing should be according to the requirements of postal service. Don’t design postcard of every size. If you really want to pass your postcards through postal service then use the accepted templates. There are different accepted and standard templates to choose from. Here are some basic ways that can help in creating personal marketing or printing. 4 x 6 inches: good standard small size 5 x 7 inches: widely accepted 4 x 9 inches: widely accepted 6 x 11 inches: Large format

Paper material options

The material of paper should be thicker. For the paper material, there is a wide range of options available. The basic factor in paper material is the weight/thickness. The second factor is special coatings of the postcard. The thickness and weight of the paper determine the durability of your postcard. The coatings of postcard determine the resistance and glossiness of print. You need to have high glossy coatings. This is a great way to make your postcard to look expensive.

Here, are the standard items that you can choose from; Both side coated postcard One side coated postcard No coatings Weight options for paper is from 80lbs to 120lbs

Color printing options

Today, there are full colors printing postcard options available. Of-course, you should go for it because nobody response to the black and white ink effects. Here, are the options of color postcard customization printing. Full color printing Black ink graphic printing Special ink printing – the use of special inks such as gleam, glitters. Spot ink printing – the use of colors in some parts of postcard

Appropriate design software

There are many software design applications that are good for use. Choose the one that is easy to use and affordable. Here are the names of design software that can help you in designing your postcard. Desktop publishing applications such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign Simple publishing applications such as Open office, Microsoft word Image editing applications – Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw Now, you have all important technical knowledge regarding your postcard designing and printing. So, you can move on confidently. Best Of Luck!

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