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How to Make Money With a Postcard Marketing System Why They Still Work

Although the Internet seems to have replaced much of the options for direct mail, there is still great opportunity to make money with postcards. For many young people, they believe that emails and social media are the best way to get your message across when it comes to promoting offers.

However there is still a large segment of the population which doesn’t use the Internet on a regular basis and which will read their mail. A well designed postcard mailer is read and used by many people and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Therefore don’t discount this as an effective medium.

1. Postcards can display a vivid and effective message. Colors sell – Images sell – and Words sell. These can all be integrated into a postcard to effectively send a strong message to your prospects.

These postcards can be very easy to be noticed and get read. They also tend to have more credibility associated with them because a lot of people that if you were willing to spend the money and time to develop a physical mailer, then the product or service associated with it more than likely has value.

2. Postcards can be mailed to very narrow niches. You can purchase mailing lists which narrow down target markets to great detail. You can send postcards based on zip codes, sex, household income, hobbies, or a wide variety of other factors.

In this way you postcard mailer will be seen by someone who most likely has the ability to pay for the item or service marketed and has some interest in it already.

3. Postcards are a great introduction to your product or service. It turns cold leads into warm leads. If you’d rather not break the ice by contacting a prospective lead without some type of introduction, the postcard mailer does that for you. The card can have a call to action whereby the prospect is asked to respond either by calling, faxing, or using the Internet for further action.

Or at least if you follow with them by a phone call, they will most likely have some idea who you are and why you are calling. It makes capturing new sales that much faster and easier.

For these reasons and many others, postcards are still a very effective way to market your goods and services. Done correctly they can be very successful at identifying new customers nd building your business.

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