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How Postcard Marketing Helps in Targeting Inactive Consumers

You may know that your target consumers needs to see your business, brand, products, services name at least eight to nine times before they trust you to make purchases. When you consider high cost of marketing and the life time value of your consumers, it makes sense to recapture your inactive consumers. Inactive consumers mean the number of people who have not buy from you from last 1 – 2 years.

Considering the postcard marketing for this purpose can be inexpensive and beneficial means of achieving this objective. However, it is essential that you should make an effective marketing campaign with proper knowledge and guidelines.

For effective postcard marketing campaign you need;

A good list

Strong efforts

Eye-catching message

Repeated mailings

Measurable results

Mailing list

Get your mailing list and find the inactive consumers from the list. Find out their location. Do they live far away from you store? How many times they visit you? How much they have spent in your store? When you have seen them in your store? Find the answers of above questions; it will help you to know more about your consumers.

After getting the answers of above questions, now move on the next step. Find the reason, why they stopped buying for you? Did they feel any problem with your product and service? Do they think you are selling low quality of products? Do they feel any other problem with you – Price or Services issue?

You can obtain this information with the help of telephone survey but there are many customers that don’t complain or never say any negative word in their feedback directly to the company. Don’t conduct this survey yourself, try to involve third party to collect feedback from your consumers.

Now, you have a clean mailing list. You know to whom you have to target and remove. But it is very difficult task to motivate inactive consumers. In this situation, experts recommend you to make an aggressive offer. You have to spend little more money on your inactive consumers to get them back. Offer them something appealing such as big discount or offer any free service or gift. Make your postcard attractive with the use of bold and colorful font. Add an eye catching picture, an odd statement and clever wording to keep your postcard from going in a trash. Repeat this process periodically until you get your desired response.

Don’t forget to measure your results. Result tracking helps you determine what works and where you have to spend more money.

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