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Food For Your Catch frogs Favorites Clash With Frog


Frog Clash HD($1.99) by Till and Michaela Maginot is a fast-paced adventure with four frogs. The goal is simple catch food for your frogs. However, the user must be careful not to accidentally eat the wrong elements. This is where the challenge is at stake are several bugs, you can feed them, but there are also several bugs and items you can not feed them. The user must have fast hand and eye coordination to catch the right items to feed the frogs.

The game uses a design comparable to that of popular titles such as Angry Birds and cut rope. Thats because they use a points system, which is then rated on a scale of one to three stars, just like the other two titles. Usually we like to see the originality in games, but the points system and the star seems to be emerging in many titles these days and thats fine. The game also features several stations(chapters), each with their own levels.
Although the game is available on both the iPhone and iPad, the graphics are not very impressive on the IPAD. They seemed to lack clarity. We also encountered a glitch that we hope will be audio addressed in a future update.
Overall, the software offers a fun fast game pace, with a simple goal and levels of increasingly difficult. Integration with Facebook and Twitter and many levels, users are sure to enjoy this new title.

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