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Do It Yourself Birthday Invitation Ideas

A birthday isn’t complete without great invitations, because they are full of needed information about the upcoming birthday bash.

Birthday invitations can be personalized or generic. Generic invitations are great for those folks that don’t really have the time to design them themselves. But, the problem with the generic invitations, they are predictable and boring.

Doing personalized birthday invitations is a great way to go if you want the invitations to look awesome, unique and creative.

A great alternative to your traditional invitation is the invitation postcard. I have listed some great design tips which will help you to design your own creative invitation postcards.

*Pick a theme and then stick with it. Designing these postcards is easy if you have a concept in mind already because this theme will dictate all the other parts that you can use in the design.

The theme of the invitations should always coincide with the birthday theme so you can achieve consistency.

*Play around with the size. The size of these postcards will do wonders for the design, so don’t be afraid to try out all different sizes with the postcards.
Try over sized postcards as most guests would be delighted to find a big postcard birthday invitation in their mailbox.

*Do these with festive images. Add images for creativity and you can alternate these with words.

So, instead of saying cake why don’t you put the image of the cake on the invitation?

*Use a font that people can read. As much as you can try and stick with the fonts that are easily read so you won’t have any confusion.

Also consider the size of the font that you want to use on the postcard. Fonts that are big could eat up a lot of space on the postcard and fonts that are small could be very difficult to read.

*Add some color. Color will bring life to birthday invitations but be careful, pick the correct color combination.

Pick colors that agree with each other and don’t work against each other. You don’t want heads to spin just by looking at the invitation.

Most of all have fun and be creative!

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