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How to Make Money With a Postcard Marketing System Why They Still Work

Although the Internet seems to have replaced much of the options for direct mail, there is still great opportunity to make money with postcards. For many young people, they believe that emails and social media are the best way to get your message across when it comes to promoting offers.

However there is still a large segment of the population which doesn’t use the Internet on a regular basis and which will read their mail. A well designed postcard mailer is read and used by many people and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Therefore don’t discount this as an effective medium.

1. Postcards can display a vivid and effective message. Colors sell – Images sell – and Words sell. These can all be integrated into a postcard to effectively send a strong message to your prospects.

These postcards can be very easy to be noticed and get read. They also tend to have more credibility associated with them because a lot of people that if you were willing to spend the money and time to develop a physical mailer, then the product or service associated with it more than likely has value.

2. Postcards can be mailed to very narrow niches. You can purchase mailing lists which narrow down target markets to great detail. You can send postcards based on zip codes, sex, household income, hobbies, or a wide variety of other factors.

In this way you postcard mailer will be seen by someone who most likely has the ability to pay for the item or service marketed and has some interest in it already.

3. Postcards are a great introduction to your product or service. It turns cold leads into warm leads. If you’d rather not break the ice by contacting a prospective lead without some type of introduction, the postcard mailer does that for you. The card can have a call to action whereby the prospect is asked to respond either by calling, faxing, or using the Internet for further action.

Or at least if you follow with them by a phone call, they will most likely have some idea who you are and why you are calling. It makes capturing new sales that much faster and easier.

For these reasons and many others, postcards are still a very effective way to market your goods and services. Done correctly they can be very successful at identifying new customers nd building your business.

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Best Postcard Printing Services

On the internet postcard publishing has never been simple. It has a lot of benefits over the conventional publishing. The first of these is the advantage it gives to its customers.

All the work can be done at the guidelines of your fingers and hands in just a issue of a few moments. You can already do it at the advantage of your home and notebook computer or computer seat. All you need is a notebook computer or notebook computer or computer with an internet access. You also have the power to evaluate different online postcard publishing organizations, and select the best organization for your needs.

You can do analysis on the efficiency of different online publishing organizations to give you a better verdict for the most appropriate inexpensive postcard publishing. You can even examine out the opinions of the organization and understand their powerful and negatives.

However, before determining which organization online would take care of your venture, there are several aspects to consider.

The first thing is the look of your postcard. You should select if the style you will use to your postcard is personalized or pre-made. Both of these alternatives have their pros and cons. Having a personalized style would make sure you of an unique item. Nevertheless, this also indicates you have to invest a many years in developing your personalized postcard style.

However, if you opt to use pre-made styles and templates, it would absolutely preserve you time, especially if it is a hurry job. Whatever choice you want, just keep in mind that this should help you determine the objective of the postcard.

You must also determine which organization online to deal with your postcard publishing. Several publishing organizations can be obtained on the internet are just one press away. It must be described for the client and organization the postcard style and articles, the quality of the articles that would be used for publishing, the colors that would be seen in the poster, the shipping structure, as well as the method of transaction.

Usually, the publishing organizations may have seen some mistakes in your postcard, so it is better to keep in touch and current with your publishing provider. Moreover, to prevent these types of mistakes, a example duplicate of one more item may be sent to the individual to be able to accept one more look of the postcard. After all information has been set, anticipate your postcard to be available in a few days.

With these concerns, publishing post cards may not be simple still, but definitely, it is a lot easier.

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The Importance of Postcard Design

Before purchasing or creating postcards, you first need to consider the purpose of your postcard. Ask yourself, why are your purchasing postcard? Do you have personal needs or business needs? This will help you to avoid mistakes. Make sure, your postcard design fits your needs.

You can find plenty of postcard designing companies around you and over the internet. All of them have best skills of postcard designing. But you need to judge their skills, if you need complicated postcard design. You should look for the designs that could grab the attention of receiver. A boring design cannot do anything for your business. So, you should choose full color postcard printing. Remember, colorful and attractive postcard designs can catch the attention of your customers.

Your header of postcard should be catchy. A catchy header can easily grab the attention of your customers. Don’t forget to put all necessary information details at the back of the postcard. The message should be clear. The purpose and use of postcard will be pointless, if your postcard message is pointless. This is the biggest issue of postcards that often senders do because they usually focus on the design of postcard.

The postcard designs have no definite terms. You need to be considered its abstract, metallic and simple aspects. You can change these features according to your needs. The design of postcard doesn’t matter in most cases. Because people are busy. They have no time to look at the design portion of the postcard. They just flip over the postcard message immediately. The designs can also be used for the attraction purpose.

There are many people who are just spending their money to embed postcard designs. Why you hire someone else, if you can do it yourself. Your receiver would be more flattered if they knew that you have made the postcard yourself. This is a great way to impress your readers. Always use high quality materials for your postcards. The

Thus, postcard is far better than e-mail or snail mail. With the help of postcard marketing, you can deliver your message to uncountable audience. So, make your efforts worth of time and try to make best postcards for your next marketing campaign.

The use of EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail postcard for advertising

EDDM is a kind of direct mail marketing and has been developed by USPS. The EDDM program has been created for small and medium businesses that want to reach out and attract new customers. The EDDM program is easy to use and to follow, it is cheap and until now showed a lot of success.

For any small or medium businesses that want to advertise in their local communities, EDDM is the right solution. The promotional material you can send to your new clients comes in many varieties. You can opt for an EDDM postcard, flyer, brochure, catalogue, etc. when creating an EDDM postcard, make sure to use it to its fullest, to print a strong and easy to understand message to your clients, and to use attractive images and vibrant

One of the largest EDDM postcard sizes is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, and these are used mostly for informational purposes. An EDDM postcard of this size is very similar to flyers. Its main purpose is to present company’s products and offerings. For example, an EDDM postcard of this size can be used to send out information about the company, its business and similar. Even if your business doesnt have any promotions or new products, an EDDM postcard with simple information about the company is a way of getting your companys name into the homes of potential customers.

There are smaller EDDM postcard sizes of 6.24 inches x 9 inches and 4.25 inches x 11 inches. The smaller EDDM postcard is great to be used as a grand opening mailer. Also, if your company has some offers for clients, informing them about that on smaller EDDM postcard is the best solution.

Until now, a lot of small and medium businesses already enrolled this program and they have nothing but the best to say about it. EDDM is the best solution for any marketing strategy and is also very well accepted from people to whose houses your advertisements are reaching.

A good EDDM postcard should be designed in the way that it easily catches the attention of a new client. You need to use vibrant colors, attractive images and your EDDM postcard needs to have a very clear and strong message that is easy to remember, read and understand. You can design your mail pieces yourself or you can ask for help a professional designer. Most of the EDDM printing companies have professional designers that can help you in creating of some of the most attractive designs for your business mailer. Except for local print companies you can decide as well to print your EDDM postcard on online printers. They are easy to use, they are fast, and everything can be done from the privacy of your home.

The best EDDM printing company will be as well able to deliver your Every Door Direct Mail promotional material directly to the post office after it has been done as brochure printing.

How Postcard Marketing Helps in Targeting Inactive Consumers

You may know that your target consumers needs to see your business, brand, products, services name at least eight to nine times before they trust you to make purchases. When you consider high cost of marketing and the life time value of your consumers, it makes sense to recapture your inactive consumers. Inactive consumers mean the number of people who have not buy from you from last 1 – 2 years.

Considering the postcard marketing for this purpose can be inexpensive and beneficial means of achieving this objective. However, it is essential that you should make an effective marketing campaign with proper knowledge and guidelines.

For effective postcard marketing campaign you need;

A good list

Strong efforts

Eye-catching message

Repeated mailings

Measurable results

Mailing list

Get your mailing list and find the inactive consumers from the list. Find out their location. Do they live far away from you store? How many times they visit you? How much they have spent in your store? When you have seen them in your store? Find the answers of above questions; it will help you to know more about your consumers.

After getting the answers of above questions, now move on the next step. Find the reason, why they stopped buying for you? Did they feel any problem with your product and service? Do they think you are selling low quality of products? Do they feel any other problem with you – Price or Services issue?

You can obtain this information with the help of telephone survey but there are many customers that don’t complain or never say any negative word in their feedback directly to the company. Don’t conduct this survey yourself, try to involve third party to collect feedback from your consumers.

Now, you have a clean mailing list. You know to whom you have to target and remove. But it is very difficult task to motivate inactive consumers. In this situation, experts recommend you to make an aggressive offer. You have to spend little more money on your inactive consumers to get them back. Offer them something appealing such as big discount or offer any free service or gift. Make your postcard attractive with the use of bold and colorful font. Add an eye catching picture, an odd statement and clever wording to keep your postcard from going in a trash. Repeat this process periodically until you get your desired response.

Don’t forget to measure your results. Result tracking helps you determine what works and where you have to spend more money.

Postcard Marketing to Existing and New Customers

The certain thing about direct marketing campaign is cost effective and brings fast results. This is the oldest way of marketing. You can choose postcards for direct mailing purpose. This is the simplest strategy to reach out to your targeted audience. You need to be consistent in this type of marketing strategy.

There are two types of postcard marketing campaign; Draw new customers Keep existing customers

Drawing new customers can be seemed difficult yet important. However, if you pay attention closely, you can see how profitable and easy it is. Existing customers already know about the quality of your products and services. So, convincing them to buy your products is not a difficult task compared to new customers.

Starting from the point of mailing can be helpful. You need to design postcard especially for them. Here are some ideas to for the next postcard marketing campaign of you.

Say a discount for 5- 10 percent for the every purchase or offer buy one get one free option. This way you can encourage your new and existing customers to buy from you.

Offer something valuable such as free gifts, sample.

If you are running online business, you can print code on the postcard, this way they will enter that code to your website and will buy from you to get something at discount.

You can send subscription form at the back of the postcard and ask your customers to fill and send back to you for free subscription. You can even add a survey form.

For mailing purpose, you need to target on demographics such as age, gender, or class etc. when you create a right mailing list. The best way to follow your mailing list is to send postcard of your list in the first week, of list in the second week and so on- However, always send same postcard for the whole marketing campaign. Segmenting doesn’t require different designs. Don’t forget to put your logo. Use bright font color and professional font text. You should be consistent in sending postcard to the same customers over and over again. If you do this effectively, you can successfully build credulity of your business in the eye of your customers. Thus, follow these simple guidelines and get the results of your marketing campaign immediately. You will definitely recommend this strategy to others, once you tried it!

Tricks for Successful Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is a versatile way to promote your business products and services. Here, are few effective tricks for successful postcard marketing campaign.

Goal setting

Postcard marketing is a wonderful way to generate quick responses from your target audience. For successful postcard market campaign, you need to set a specific goal to work on. First decide, what you actually want to achieve from your target market after launching postcard marketing campaign?

Postcard Message

You should be clear about your message you want to say your target market. A postcard has very limited space so each every word counts. Postcard should contain Call-to-Action words that can encourage your readers to respond positively after reading postcard information. Only promote product benefits on postcard instead of product description. Headline should be bold and bullet the benefits, if possible.

Postcard Design

The most essential part of postcard marketing is the design of postcard. A good design of postcard can generate a number of positive responses from the target audience. If you cannot design yourself, hire a professional designer for postcard designing. Don’t think about the budget at this stage because a poorly designed postcard can backfire against your business. If your postcard is unimpressive people can get negative impression about your products and services. On the other hand, a well-designed postcard can generate lots of positive responses from your customers because it can grab recipients’ attention and make them happy.

Offer Something of Value

Invite your target audience through postcard to try out or purchase your products and services and offer them something valuable to encourage them to visit your store. For instance, you can offer discount who will visit your store with postcard.


If you have time you can plan your own printing, it is perfectly fine for a small number of postcards. However, for large bulk of postcards you should hire a professional printing service at reasonable rates. The time and energy you save from printing you can use it on other aspects of your business.

Consider right target audience

To get positive a response from your target audience, make sure your postcards will send to the right people. Create an in-house mailing list and update it from time to time. If you don’t have time to create in-house mailing list you can buy it from a reputable marketing broker.

By following these simple tricks you can get your desired response from your target market without even spending too much money.

Essential Steps In Setting Price For A Product

When setting the price of a new product, marketers must consider the competitions prices, estimated consumer demand, costs, and expenses, as well as the firms pricing objectives and strategies.
Here are the steps on how to set a price for your products:

Step 1: Determine Pricing Objectives. What is your purpose in setting a price for your product? Do you want to increase sales volume or sales revenue? Establish prestigious image for your product and your company? Increase your market share and market position? Answering these questions will help you keep your prices in line with other marketing decisions.

Step 2: Study Costs. Since the main reason for being in business is to make a profit, give careful consideration to the costs involved in making or acquiring the goods or services you will offer for sale. Determine whether and how you can reduce costs without affecting the quality or image of your product. This is so true for a company that quality product is the main service. For instance, a digital printing service shop can higher their price in their postcard printing service if it really has higher quality compared to others.

Step 3: Estimate Demand. Employ market research techniques to estimate consumer demand. The key to pricing goods and services is to set prices at the level consumers expect to pay. In many cases, those prices are directly related to demand.

Step 4: Study Competition. Investigate your competitors to see what prices they are charging for similar goods and services. Study the market leader. What is the range of prices from the ceiling price to the price floor? Will you price your goods lower than, equal to, or higher than your competitors?
Step 5: Decide on a Pricing Strategy. You may decide to price your product higher than the competitions because you believe your product is superior. You may decide to set a lower price with the understanding that you will raise it once the product is accepted in the marketplace.

Step 6: Set Price. After you have evaluated all the foregoing factors, apply the pricing techniques that match your strategy and set an initial price. Be prepared to monitor that price and evaluate its effectiveness as conditions in the market change.

Print your Postcards at Cheapest Price with Postcard Printing UK Service Providers

Mainly, business houses and institutions need to print their postcards. They need to print the postcards on their own name to build a brand value. Personalized postcards increase the brand value of a certain company or institutions in a great way.

If you are running any business house or any institution then you can’t at all ignore the value of personalized postcards. You have to include the postcards in your marketing agenda. Postcards are a great way to make the name of your company or institution popular among the common people. It doesn’t take more money to print postcards, but the value it adds to the organization is just immeasurable.

If you are already printing postcards for your organization then you should know all about postcard printing and how much it costs. You may be fallowing the traditional way to print the postcards; but if you think slight away from the traditional then you can get those postcards with less effort and at less price also.

Yes, the traditional way of postcard printing is really tedious. You need to go to the printing press present in your locality. Thereafter, you have to help the press employees in designing the post card and much more to follow. At the end, most of the time, you have to compromise with low quality postcards. You will not get the postcards of your choice despite of a great effort.

There is an alternative way available and if you go through that then you will able to get the postcards of your choice without spending lot of energy and money. You can get postcards online. Especially, if you are from UK, then you can do it with a lot of ease. There is no dearth of postcard printing UK service providers over the internet. You don’t have to go anywhere to find them, as they are available at your fingertips.

You can easily choose any of those postcard printing UK service providers and leave the responsibility of printing postcards on their shoulders. There are certain benefits, you will get by going for those online postcard printing service providers. First of all, you don’t have to wander in the streets to find out a good press to print your postcards. Thus, you will save time. Over the web space, you will find numerous options as far as postcard printing is concerned; so you can choose among them. Apart from these, the online printing service providers are giving the postcard printing service at a real cheap value; so you don’t have to spend more money as with the local printing press.

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Quick Postcard Marketing Tips

As we all know the direct marketing is the most effective, most common and most famous way of marketing. The most affordable and successful form of direct marketing is the postcard marketing. Postcard marketing can increase your targeted audience in a very quick manner. You can get incredible results with the use of postcard marketing.

If you have a right mailing list, you can get proven results with postcard marketing. Postcard marketing is the most versatile and measureable channel of marketing. You don’t have any right to say that postcard marketing is the simple method and you can’t use it without even trying it yourself. It can create most success results than any other type of marketing.

Retail stores and many other shopping malls keep track of advertise of upcoming sale with postcard they distribute to their customers. Since the beginning of postcard marketing, it is very successful and many large businesses are using this marketing strategy for their business.

As postcards are very simple to create, you can make postcards yourself. However, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind before you start your postcard marketing campaign. Postcard is all about simplicity. If you want to get higher response from your customers, it is very essential that you follow them.

As postcards are small in size, you have very small space to explain your message. So, it is better that you write your postcard message in very short phrase and explain it with pictures.

A clean design of postcard with short copy can give your postcard a very long way. Outline the clear benefits of your product or services. It’s better that you define benefits in bullet form. Always use color postcard because are more attracted toward colors. Color postcards can raise the interest level of people in your business product and service. If you successful in creating the level of interest in your postcard then your customer will call you and visit your website or store. This is a great way to build leads instead of close sales.

If your customer is not interested in your business at the first time, then by continue sending of postcard can create that interest. Postcard builds your business credibility. If they like your service, it is obvious they will recommend your service to their friends and family.

Proof reading is very crucial. A simple spelling mistake can turn your whole postcard marketing campaign into a joke. It is very helpful that postcard arrive on specific date. Good Luck!