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July, 2015:

Gift Card Holders – Why they are necessary

Whether for a wedding, Christmas or birthday, gift card holders and packaging should be part of your presentation for two reasons. First, they make your gift card look personal. It shows the giver that some thought was put into the gift. Even though gift cards have gained in popularity over the last few years, there are some people who still find them impersonal. Part of the reason for this has to do with packaging. Although the cards come with holders, they are usually not impressive. If you really want to make an impression with the gift, why cut corners with the packaging?

The other reason for using gift card holders and packaging is to maintain the element of surprise. People like to be surprised, including adults. So, when you use the packaging that comes with the card, it is easy for the person to tell they are getting a gift card, which takes the fun out of receiving the gift. Let’s say you buy someone a new portable DVD player for Christmas or a birthday. Even though the DVD player comes in a box, you still take the time to wrap the box to maintain the element of surprise. Same thing with gift card giving. Even though the card comes with its own packaging, surprise the receiver by getting creative with the packaging.

When selecting a gift card holder or packaging, make sure you pick something that is appropriate for the occasion. Gift card holders have come a long way and you can now find occasion-specific packaging to go with your card. Another possibility is to create your own packaging. Since the overall goal is to maintain the element of surprise, you can take a chance and make something unique to package your card. If you are not that creative, possible gift card holders you can buy include a tin box, cardboard box, paper pouches, greeting cards and stuffed animals.

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How Postcard Marketing Helps in Targeting Inactive Consumers

You may know that your target consumers needs to see your business, brand, products, services name at least eight to nine times before they trust you to make purchases. When you consider high cost of marketing and the life time value of your consumers, it makes sense to recapture your inactive consumers. Inactive consumers mean the number of people who have not buy from you from last 1 – 2 years.

Considering the postcard marketing for this purpose can be inexpensive and beneficial means of achieving this objective. However, it is essential that you should make an effective marketing campaign with proper knowledge and guidelines.

For effective postcard marketing campaign you need;

A good list

Strong efforts

Eye-catching message

Repeated mailings

Measurable results

Mailing list

Get your mailing list and find the inactive consumers from the list. Find out their location. Do they live far away from you store? How many times they visit you? How much they have spent in your store? When you have seen them in your store? Find the answers of above questions; it will help you to know more about your consumers.

After getting the answers of above questions, now move on the next step. Find the reason, why they stopped buying for you? Did they feel any problem with your product and service? Do they think you are selling low quality of products? Do they feel any other problem with you – Price or Services issue?

You can obtain this information with the help of telephone survey but there are many customers that don’t complain or never say any negative word in their feedback directly to the company. Don’t conduct this survey yourself, try to involve third party to collect feedback from your consumers.

Now, you have a clean mailing list. You know to whom you have to target and remove. But it is very difficult task to motivate inactive consumers. In this situation, experts recommend you to make an aggressive offer. You have to spend little more money on your inactive consumers to get them back. Offer them something appealing such as big discount or offer any free service or gift. Make your postcard attractive with the use of bold and colorful font. Add an eye catching picture, an odd statement and clever wording to keep your postcard from going in a trash. Repeat this process periodically until you get your desired response.

Don’t forget to measure your results. Result tracking helps you determine what works and where you have to spend more money.

Gift Ideas For Someone On A Weight Loss Mission

If someone in your friends circle is trying to lose weight then support them in every way possible. Losing weight is not easy So when we are on that journey, we need all the support we can get. Here are some gifts that you can give your friend (to someone who is on a weight loss mission):

1. Fruit Basket: Excellent gift Fruits are good for you and the sugar in them will not lead to weight gain. They have a lot of natural fiber. When they are craving for something sweet, then if there is a fruit basket in front of them they will hopefully grab fruit rather than a chocolate.

2. One month membership to yoga or pilates: This will force them to do some exercise.

3. Steamer: Steamed vegetables are very good for you and do not have effects of the fried stuff. Having a steamer will encourage your friend to eat more of the healthy and fresh vegetables.

4. Motivational Book: Reading an inspirational story will keep your friend going. It is the motivation that is going to push your friend to go that extra mile to lose the desired weight. What better way to find the weight loss motivation books than from a book.

5. Exercise CD / DVD: They can watch and perform the exercises based on the instructions on the cd. They can do this in the comfort of their own homes.

6. Motivational Music: Buy an ipod and load it with some good inspiring music. If they already have an ipod may be an itunes gift card will be helpful.

7. Health Cookbook: The way we cook and what we eat makes all the difference. Though most of us are aware of this, we might not be aware of the fact that some of the foods that we eat often are not helping us in the weight loss department. Having a healthy handbook will give us ideas on what to eat and what not to eat.

Postcard Marketing to Existing and New Customers

The certain thing about direct marketing campaign is cost effective and brings fast results. This is the oldest way of marketing. You can choose postcards for direct mailing purpose. This is the simplest strategy to reach out to your targeted audience. You need to be consistent in this type of marketing strategy.

There are two types of postcard marketing campaign; Draw new customers Keep existing customers

Drawing new customers can be seemed difficult yet important. However, if you pay attention closely, you can see how profitable and easy it is. Existing customers already know about the quality of your products and services. So, convincing them to buy your products is not a difficult task compared to new customers.

Starting from the point of mailing can be helpful. You need to design postcard especially for them. Here are some ideas to for the next postcard marketing campaign of you.

Say a discount for 5- 10 percent for the every purchase or offer buy one get one free option. This way you can encourage your new and existing customers to buy from you.

Offer something valuable such as free gifts, sample.

If you are running online business, you can print code on the postcard, this way they will enter that code to your website and will buy from you to get something at discount.

You can send subscription form at the back of the postcard and ask your customers to fill and send back to you for free subscription. You can even add a survey form.

For mailing purpose, you need to target on demographics such as age, gender, or class etc. when you create a right mailing list. The best way to follow your mailing list is to send postcard of your list in the first week, of list in the second week and so on- However, always send same postcard for the whole marketing campaign. Segmenting doesn’t require different designs. Don’t forget to put your logo. Use bright font color and professional font text. You should be consistent in sending postcard to the same customers over and over again. If you do this effectively, you can successfully build credulity of your business in the eye of your customers. Thus, follow these simple guidelines and get the results of your marketing campaign immediately. You will definitely recommend this strategy to others, once you tried it!

Tricks for Successful Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is a versatile way to promote your business products and services. Here, are few effective tricks for successful postcard marketing campaign.

Goal setting

Postcard marketing is a wonderful way to generate quick responses from your target audience. For successful postcard market campaign, you need to set a specific goal to work on. First decide, what you actually want to achieve from your target market after launching postcard marketing campaign?

Postcard Message

You should be clear about your message you want to say your target market. A postcard has very limited space so each every word counts. Postcard should contain Call-to-Action words that can encourage your readers to respond positively after reading postcard information. Only promote product benefits on postcard instead of product description. Headline should be bold and bullet the benefits, if possible.

Postcard Design

The most essential part of postcard marketing is the design of postcard. A good design of postcard can generate a number of positive responses from the target audience. If you cannot design yourself, hire a professional designer for postcard designing. Don’t think about the budget at this stage because a poorly designed postcard can backfire against your business. If your postcard is unimpressive people can get negative impression about your products and services. On the other hand, a well-designed postcard can generate lots of positive responses from your customers because it can grab recipients’ attention and make them happy.

Offer Something of Value

Invite your target audience through postcard to try out or purchase your products and services and offer them something valuable to encourage them to visit your store. For instance, you can offer discount who will visit your store with postcard.


If you have time you can plan your own printing, it is perfectly fine for a small number of postcards. However, for large bulk of postcards you should hire a professional printing service at reasonable rates. The time and energy you save from printing you can use it on other aspects of your business.

Consider right target audience

To get positive a response from your target audience, make sure your postcards will send to the right people. Create an in-house mailing list and update it from time to time. If you don’t have time to create in-house mailing list you can buy it from a reputable marketing broker.

By following these simple tricks you can get your desired response from your target market without even spending too much money.

Essential Steps In Setting Price For A Product

When setting the price of a new product, marketers must consider the competitions prices, estimated consumer demand, costs, and expenses, as well as the firms pricing objectives and strategies.
Here are the steps on how to set a price for your products:

Step 1: Determine Pricing Objectives. What is your purpose in setting a price for your product? Do you want to increase sales volume or sales revenue? Establish prestigious image for your product and your company? Increase your market share and market position? Answering these questions will help you keep your prices in line with other marketing decisions.

Step 2: Study Costs. Since the main reason for being in business is to make a profit, give careful consideration to the costs involved in making or acquiring the goods or services you will offer for sale. Determine whether and how you can reduce costs without affecting the quality or image of your product. This is so true for a company that quality product is the main service. For instance, a digital printing service shop can higher their price in their postcard printing service if it really has higher quality compared to others.

Step 3: Estimate Demand. Employ market research techniques to estimate consumer demand. The key to pricing goods and services is to set prices at the level consumers expect to pay. In many cases, those prices are directly related to demand.

Step 4: Study Competition. Investigate your competitors to see what prices they are charging for similar goods and services. Study the market leader. What is the range of prices from the ceiling price to the price floor? Will you price your goods lower than, equal to, or higher than your competitors?
Step 5: Decide on a Pricing Strategy. You may decide to price your product higher than the competitions because you believe your product is superior. You may decide to set a lower price with the understanding that you will raise it once the product is accepted in the marketplace.

Step 6: Set Price. After you have evaluated all the foregoing factors, apply the pricing techniques that match your strategy and set an initial price. Be prepared to monitor that price and evaluate its effectiveness as conditions in the market change.