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June, 2015:

Print your Postcards at Cheapest Price with Postcard Printing UK Service Providers

Mainly, business houses and institutions need to print their postcards. They need to print the postcards on their own name to build a brand value. Personalized postcards increase the brand value of a certain company or institutions in a great way.

If you are running any business house or any institution then you can’t at all ignore the value of personalized postcards. You have to include the postcards in your marketing agenda. Postcards are a great way to make the name of your company or institution popular among the common people. It doesn’t take more money to print postcards, but the value it adds to the organization is just immeasurable.

If you are already printing postcards for your organization then you should know all about postcard printing and how much it costs. You may be fallowing the traditional way to print the postcards; but if you think slight away from the traditional then you can get those postcards with less effort and at less price also.

Yes, the traditional way of postcard printing is really tedious. You need to go to the printing press present in your locality. Thereafter, you have to help the press employees in designing the post card and much more to follow. At the end, most of the time, you have to compromise with low quality postcards. You will not get the postcards of your choice despite of a great effort.

There is an alternative way available and if you go through that then you will able to get the postcards of your choice without spending lot of energy and money. You can get postcards online. Especially, if you are from UK, then you can do it with a lot of ease. There is no dearth of postcard printing UK service providers over the internet. You don’t have to go anywhere to find them, as they are available at your fingertips.

You can easily choose any of those postcard printing UK service providers and leave the responsibility of printing postcards on their shoulders. There are certain benefits, you will get by going for those online postcard printing service providers. First of all, you don’t have to wander in the streets to find out a good press to print your postcards. Thus, you will save time. Over the web space, you will find numerous options as far as postcard printing is concerned; so you can choose among them. Apart from these, the online printing service providers are giving the postcard printing service at a real cheap value; so you don’t have to spend more money as with the local printing press.

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Quick Postcard Marketing Tips

As we all know the direct marketing is the most effective, most common and most famous way of marketing. The most affordable and successful form of direct marketing is the postcard marketing. Postcard marketing can increase your targeted audience in a very quick manner. You can get incredible results with the use of postcard marketing.

If you have a right mailing list, you can get proven results with postcard marketing. Postcard marketing is the most versatile and measureable channel of marketing. You don’t have any right to say that postcard marketing is the simple method and you can’t use it without even trying it yourself. It can create most success results than any other type of marketing.

Retail stores and many other shopping malls keep track of advertise of upcoming sale with postcard they distribute to their customers. Since the beginning of postcard marketing, it is very successful and many large businesses are using this marketing strategy for their business.

As postcards are very simple to create, you can make postcards yourself. However, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind before you start your postcard marketing campaign. Postcard is all about simplicity. If you want to get higher response from your customers, it is very essential that you follow them.

As postcards are small in size, you have very small space to explain your message. So, it is better that you write your postcard message in very short phrase and explain it with pictures.

A clean design of postcard with short copy can give your postcard a very long way. Outline the clear benefits of your product or services. It’s better that you define benefits in bullet form. Always use color postcard because are more attracted toward colors. Color postcards can raise the interest level of people in your business product and service. If you successful in creating the level of interest in your postcard then your customer will call you and visit your website or store. This is a great way to build leads instead of close sales.

If your customer is not interested in your business at the first time, then by continue sending of postcard can create that interest. Postcard builds your business credibility. If they like your service, it is obvious they will recommend your service to their friends and family.

Proof reading is very crucial. A simple spelling mistake can turn your whole postcard marketing campaign into a joke. It is very helpful that postcard arrive on specific date. Good Luck!

Effective postcard marketing at trade shows

Aside from sending postcards through mail or post, you can also use them as handouts at exhibitions and trade shows. Let’s discuss few effective approaches to boost customers desired response rate:

Postcards as vouchers

You can invite more and more people to check out your booth at trade show and offer them freebies or other promotional items. Ask your target audience to bring postcards with them to your booth to use postcards as a claim stubs. This way, you can judge and save giveaways only to the people who have taken the time to visit your location and spend time to check your stuff.

Postcards as a discount coupon

With the help of postcards, you can even encourage number readers to visit your booth to purchase your products and services at special discounts. When customer makes any purchase to your booth, you can quickly judge that your postcard marketing camping is working to your advantage.

Postcards as a pass/an invite

You can host a special sale event or an exclusive show in your shop and use postcards as a pass/an invitation. This is a great way to judge which of your prospects are actually have an interested in your products and services. If they join and visit your exhibition you can make them as a perfect sales lead.

Postcards to drive traffic to your website

If you are also deals your customers online through your website, then the postcards is a great way to let people know that they can also make order and purchase products from your online shop. Add coupon code on your postcard for those people that are interested in online purchasing.

Postcards for an announcement

If you have just opened your store or shop, you can make an announcement with the help of postcards for the grand opening. Invite people to visit but don’t forget to emphasize benefits.

Oversized postcards

Standard size of postcard is -4×6- but there is no limitation to choose oversized postcards. Oversized postcard can contain more information and texts that can be helpful to introduce a new product or service in the market. There are also folded postcards available in the market.

Make postcards for keeps

Make an appealing postcard so people keep your postcard forever on hang it on a wall. Add any inspiring quote, beautiful scene, attractive image etc.

Thus, these are few effective ways to postcard marketing with the help trade shows. Hope these will help you out!

How To Use Basic Technical Details About Color Postcard Printing

Postcard printing needs to be understand before you go through the basic and technical details of the printing process. To get the success, you don’t only need printing. Postcard printing is the simplest process but you need to know the different technical and basic aspects of color postcard printing. This way, you can be sure that your postcard will be highly acceptable to all postal services and your readers. Here we go;

Postal service customary templates

The size of postcard printing should be according to the requirements of postal service. Don’t design postcard of every size. If you really want to pass your postcards through postal service then use the accepted templates. There are different accepted and standard templates to choose from. Here are some basic ways that can help in creating personal marketing or printing. 4 x 6 inches: good standard small size 5 x 7 inches: widely accepted 4 x 9 inches: widely accepted 6 x 11 inches: Large format

Paper material options

The material of paper should be thicker. For the paper material, there is a wide range of options available. The basic factor in paper material is the weight/thickness. The second factor is special coatings of the postcard. The thickness and weight of the paper determine the durability of your postcard. The coatings of postcard determine the resistance and glossiness of print. You need to have high glossy coatings. This is a great way to make your postcard to look expensive.

Here, are the standard items that you can choose from; Both side coated postcard One side coated postcard No coatings Weight options for paper is from 80lbs to 120lbs

Color printing options

Today, there are full colors printing postcard options available. Of-course, you should go for it because nobody response to the black and white ink effects. Here, are the options of color postcard customization printing. Full color printing Black ink graphic printing Special ink printing – the use of special inks such as gleam, glitters. Spot ink printing – the use of colors in some parts of postcard

Appropriate design software

There are many software design applications that are good for use. Choose the one that is easy to use and affordable. Here are the names of design software that can help you in designing your postcard. Desktop publishing applications such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign Simple publishing applications such as Open office, Microsoft word Image editing applications – Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw Now, you have all important technical knowledge regarding your postcard designing and printing. So, you can move on confidently. Best Of Luck!

Handmade Olive Branch Wreath Is Gift Of Peace And Helps Eliminate U.s. Hunger

This holiday season, a handmade holiday wreath of olive branches helps eradicate hunger in the U.S. The freshly made wreath can hang on the front door as a welcome to friends and family or festively decorate a holiday dinner table. All profits from the wreath sales go to America’s Second Harvest-The Nation’s Food Bank Network, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

To celebrate the giving program’s fifth year, Lindsay Olives has returned to the traditional round wreath. Fresh, green olive branches, universally recognized as a symbol of peace, are handwoven together to create a 20-inch wreath. An elegant 12-inch-long gold metal hanger is included, so the wreath can be easily hung on any door.

Each wreath is handwoven from green olive branches freshly cut from California groves and the wreath dries to a beautiful silvery green color. Available now to December, the Lindsay Olive Holiday Wreath is perfect for gift giving as it represents a gesture of peace towards one another.

The Lindsay Olive Holiday Wreath will be available exclusively at or by calling (800) 765-2029. The wreath costs $50, plus shipping. Orders will be accepted starting October 1 and will be delivered through December 22. A personalized colorful gift card can be enclosed with each wreath and hanger.

A Long History

Archives of ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years, including the Bible, refer to the olive branch as a symbol of peace and goodwill. In the Bible’s book of Genesis, the dove that Noah sent from the ark returned with an olive branch, indicating the end of God’s anger. The olive tree is one of the oldest trees on Earth. According to Greek myth, the olive tree was a gift from the goddess Athena. While arguing with the god Poseidon about the possession of the province of Attica, Athena drove her spear into the ground to stake her claim. An olive tree sprang up at that very spot. The city that was later built was called Athens in her honor.

The Gift Of Giving-This handmade olive branch wreath is a gift of peace that also helps to eliminate hunger in the U.S.

Five Approaches to Postcard Marketing

Postcards can be used in direct mail advertising in various ways. In fact, one of the best things about postcard advertising is that you can use different approaches to reach out to your target audience. In this article, let’s discuss five effective approaches to postcard marketing.

Effective Approaches to Postcard Advertising

1. Promote a lifestyle. Many marketers present their postcards in a way that promotes a lifestyle. For instance, you may see a photo of model wearing a fashionable outfit with accessories sold from the advertised shop. IF you know the lifestyle of your target audience, then this can be an effective way to present your postcards and reach out to your market.

2. Use postcards for information drives. Another effective strategy is to use postcard marketing as a way to publicize information. For instance, some pharmaceutical companies may distribute postcards with information on how to avoid a particular illness. Postcards do not only advertise a product, it gives useful advisory at the same time.

3. Distribute forms. Postcards can also double as order forms to encourage the recipient to actually make a purchase or subscribe to the advertised material right after receiving the postcard. Some publishing companies use this type of approach as it usually generates a positive response from their market.

4. Employ souvenir advertising. Postcards can be also be designed in a way that the recipient will be moved to keep it for a long time. For example, the postcard may bear a beautiful image of a scenic spot.

5. Offer Promotions. Many business owners use postcards to offer promotions to encourage the recipient to purchase online or visit their shop. For example, you may offer a special discount for customers who will bring the postcard to your shop when they purchase an item. For customers who want to buy from your online shop, they can enter the code printed on the postcard to enjoy the discount. This is also a great strategy to keep track of the result of your postcard advertising campaign more easily.

Do It Yourself Birthday Invitation Ideas

A birthday isn’t complete without great invitations, because they are full of needed information about the upcoming birthday bash.

Birthday invitations can be personalized or generic. Generic invitations are great for those folks that don’t really have the time to design them themselves. But, the problem with the generic invitations, they are predictable and boring.

Doing personalized birthday invitations is a great way to go if you want the invitations to look awesome, unique and creative.

A great alternative to your traditional invitation is the invitation postcard. I have listed some great design tips which will help you to design your own creative invitation postcards.

*Pick a theme and then stick with it. Designing these postcards is easy if you have a concept in mind already because this theme will dictate all the other parts that you can use in the design.

The theme of the invitations should always coincide with the birthday theme so you can achieve consistency.

*Play around with the size. The size of these postcards will do wonders for the design, so don’t be afraid to try out all different sizes with the postcards.
Try over sized postcards as most guests would be delighted to find a big postcard birthday invitation in their mailbox.

*Do these with festive images. Add images for creativity and you can alternate these with words.

So, instead of saying cake why don’t you put the image of the cake on the invitation?

*Use a font that people can read. As much as you can try and stick with the fonts that are easily read so you won’t have any confusion.

Also consider the size of the font that you want to use on the postcard. Fonts that are big could eat up a lot of space on the postcard and fonts that are small could be very difficult to read.

*Add some color. Color will bring life to birthday invitations but be careful, pick the correct color combination.

Pick colors that agree with each other and don’t work against each other. You don’t want heads to spin just by looking at the invitation.

Most of all have fun and be creative!

Inexpensive Nursing Graduation Gift Ideas

Nursing is a long and difficult study process. It requires high degree of discipline and adherence to the laws and order. Hence, acquiring Graduation is a big achievement and hence needs to be acknowledged for the hard work and success. What better way to appreciate the hard work than giving a nice gift.

Finding a good job takes time and hence nurses require money even after the completion of studies to apply for various kinds of job. So, a check would be a god choice as well. A discount voucher or a gift card to a uniform and a medical store will also be thoughtful. Buying her new uniform, shoes or a Stethoscope is also a good gift for graduation.

Getting gift certificates for the nurse so that she can visit the spa or salon continuously and have a relaxed massage or have her hair or nail done. This can help boost the confidence of the nurse and help in improving the work efficiency.

Pens, name badge holders, memo pads and note cards will always be necessary for a nurse. Hence, it would be a important gift if you provide a nurse with the bag filled with these stuff. Reference books related to nursing is also a good choice of gifts or if it is difficult for you to chose the books yourself, you can always send a gift certificate for the book store.

Busy life after their new job will leave the nurses with not much fun and time to do the laundry or buy groceries, etc. It would be helpful if gift coupons for this stuff are given as gifts.

A wrist watch can be a good choice of gift for the nurses to keep track of time. But, for those who think it is old fashioned to wear wrist watches, you can always hive the gift of watches which can be hung on a coat or something like that. It can work as a decorative item as well. Gifting the nurse with such a watch can be a great idea to please her.

T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, tote bags, mouse pads, calendars, magnets and mugs- each printed with some humorous nurse saying, funny quotes or inspirational nurse quotes can also cheer them up. A good gift can cheer up and lift the spirits of the nurse and help her perform the job more effectively and with lot of confidence.

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