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May, 2015:

Win a $10,000 Christmas with Westfield Gift Cards

Sydney, 30th November 2010 – Westfield Gift Cards have launched a social media campaign to help make this Christmas the best Christmas ever for Australians. The Westfield Wish List Facebook application helps online shoppers save the products they love on so they can come back to them later or share them with their friends to give them gift inspiration – and all to give shoppers the chance of winning a $10,000 Westfield Gift Card!

There are three easy ways online shoppers can win a $10,000 Westfield Gift Card Christmas!
1.Create a Wish List: Browse products on and place favourites into a Wish List. Then just follow the prompts on Facebook to enter the draw to win.
2.Share a Wish List: Shoppers can gain up to 5 additional entries in the draw by referring Westfield’s Wishlist application to their friends.
3.Buy a Gift Card for Multiple Entries: Shoppers can make their friends wishes come true by purchasing a Westfield Gift Card and reward themselves at the same time. It’s the gift that’s never re-gifted and is loved by over 6000 stores. The more value shoppers place on the card, the more entries they gain. A gift card worth:

$50-$99 gives you 2 entries,
$100-$149 gives you 3 entries and
$150-$995 gives you 5 entries!

Shaunagh Eagan, Gift Card Manager (Product Marketing & Development) said, -We are very excited to be giving Australians the opportunity to make sure they get what they really want this Christmas – no more socks from nanna! The Westfield Wish List is easy to share so everyone, even those without Facebook, can see what you want for Christmas.-

Try it out and create your own Westfield Wish List now.

About Westfield Gift Cards
A Westfield Gift Card is the ultimate gift of indulgence. It opens doors to thousands of shopping experiences in Westfield Shopping Centres throughout Australia.

Westfield Gift Cards are accepted at over 6,000 participating retailers at Westfield Shopping Centres across Australia – from department stores to fashion stores, cinemas, restaurants, book stores and much, much more! They’re easy to use and make the ideal gift.

Westfield actively encourages all retailers inside our centres to accept our gift cards, however this is at their discretion. The Coles Group (with the exclusion of Kmart), Myer and Woolworths Group do not currently accept Westfield Gift Cards.

Westfield Gift Cards are ideal for rewarding your customers, staff or clients. You can even customise the Gift Card with your corporate logo or unique design.

For more information contact:

Hannah Law
Switched on Media
t: 02 8248 5059

Kindle and Amazon Gift Cards – The Pros and Cons

Gift cards are great ways to make savings on various purchases. With each passing year, gift cards have become increasingly popular. We all love to receive and give gift cards on special occasions as they enable you as the gift giver to avoid the stress of worrying about whether or not the recipient will love that purse or book you bought them. However, there are also certain cons to giving and receiving Kindle Gift Card and Amazon gift card such as the risks and hidden costs that come along with them. Pros There are 3 types of cards: store-specific gift cards, general purpose gift cards and the restaurant gift cards. The store specific gift cards such as Kindle and Amazon gift card are designed for use at the particular store and will typically be accompanied by lower hidden fees. With restaurant gift cards, you are able to enjoy a nice meal as a gift. With a general purpose gift card, you have a broader range of options on which to use your card. These types of cards are typically MasterCard, Visa or American Express and may be used anywhere where these major credit cards are accepted. The main aim of general purpose gift cards is to provide you with flexibility to use them on whatever you want or need. This may include going to eat out at your favorite restaurant, filling up your gas tank, purchasing tickets for your favorite Broadway show and anything else you desire. Cons It is important to beware that many general purpose cards come loaded with fees. In addition, some gift card programs will issue another card to you once yours expires. These replacement cards will cost you anywhere between $5.95 and $10. In the event that you order the card via phone or online, you will incur a fee of $4.95 to $8.95 in shipping and handling fees, not to mention the $3.95 to $11.95 service fee. Some gift card programs will even charge you a monthly maintenance fee if you still have a balance on your card after a period of 6 months or one year. And if you still have a balance once this period has elapsed, you will incur a further fee of $2-3. Another disadvantage of gift cards is that it is not always easy to get a replacement if yours gets lost or stolen. While some retailers will issue a new card on presentation of a receipt of your most recent purchase, others will simply cancel the card and reissue a new one at a fee.

Why postcard marketing work for you

This is the 21st century, where innovative and unique technologies developed with every second. Postcard marketing always produces better results than other forms of marketing – especially in case of generating website traffic and sales leads. The postcard marketing always works best because they are easy to get read. Remember, do you ever discarded postcard without even knowing what message it contains. It’s almost impossible.

The postcards are usually small in size. Most common type of postcard size is almost 4 x 6 inches. The small size of postcard means that your message should be brief. The brief message of postcard allows you to deliver ready to read message to your targeted audience. This guarantees that almost 100 % of recipient will see your sales message. They simply can’t avoid it, whether they are interested or not.

The best tip for postcard marketing strategy is that don’t try to close you’re your sales with postcard marketing. Postcard is the best way to attract your audience and ignored by audience. So, choice is yours. Create the postcard with only one objective.

Here are the benefits of postcard marketing;

Creating postcard marketing campaign is easy

For creating postcard marketing campaign is very easy because you don’t need to have any special skills of set for this purpose. Simple postcard can generate big responses from the targeted audience. Your postcard will be successful if it is easy to read at a glance.

The Cost of Marketing with Postcards Is Very Low

The cost of postcard marketing material is very low. The common size of postcard is usually 4 x 6 or small. That’s why the printing and designing cots of each postcard can be low. The best thing to measure success of postcard marketing is the first class mailing. The first class mailing helps you to update your mailing list on a regular basis. The postcard you send on a wrong address or prospect that has changed their addresses will come back to you. You can simply remove those people from your list.

Postcards Can Produce Quick Results

This is the best way to generate quickest response from your audience. Within 2,3 days your postcards can be ready and you can send them to your audience immediately. If you create sense of urgency among people they will surely come back to you quickly. You can offer them discount with deadline.

By using postcard marketing in this modern era, you can be surprised to learn that postcard marketing is still very effective.

Reasons Why Customers want to receive your Postcard Advertisement

As we all know postcard marketing is the best and successful marketing campaign. Postcard marketing always provides best and fast results to it’s users. Even the people, who receive postcards, always love to see them. If you make an attractive postcard, your targeted audience will like to keep it forever or they can display your postcard to the wall, door, fridge door etc.

Hence, postcard marketing can easily boost the response rate of your business. That’s why anyone can choose this kind of marketing for their business.

Let’s find out the few reasons of using postcard marketing that could be beneficial for the certain type of business such as restaurant business. Here are the 14 reasons that can explain why your customers want to receive postcard advertisement from you.

Let customers know about a new entry

Send a happy birthday wish and give a birthday discount gift

Let customers know you just got new menus printed

Entice customers to take advantage of a new special

Remind customers of the romance of eating out together

Give a two for one or 50% off discount for early birds

Let customers know about a new desert

Save your customers the stress of fixing their own meal

Customers should know how you can help with special occasions

Show pictures of your food, your ambience, and smiling faces

Remind them that your location is easy to find and close by

Let them know the care you put into healthy meals

Send your customer’s a regular discount coupon on your postcards

Tell them to come to your web site to see the daily special

Now, you may know why your customers want to receive postcard from you. Postcard advertising can work best and now you even know why your customers would love to receive postcard from you. If you know what benefits your restaurant business is offering your customers then you have the right mind set focus for your postcard advertisement.

If you get my point what I am trying to say then just start listing the benefits of your restaurant offers to your customers. Then take that list and make it a list of specific benefits you can put on each postcard advertisement. You now have an outline for an effective direct mail postcard marketing campaign.

When your customers receive an easily identifiable benefit from receiving your postcard advertisement, then they will enjoy getting your postcards and returning to your restaurant. You benefit from increasing and recurring sales.

Walmart Win How To Win Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart Win – New legitimate ways to earn extra income online. The work is not easy job, but it pays well and on time. Limited openings.

You can get anything from Walmart. You know that. But did you know that the largest retailer is also offering free gift cards which can be used to get discounts when purchasing from Walmart? It has stores in all cities and major towns making it the most accessible retailer. Everyone go to Walmart to purchase item for the cheapest price. Its no wonder why many people are looking for free gift cards from Walmart so that they can get even more discount on their purchases.

Walmart Gift Cards can be used by anybody so that you can gift your gift cards to your friends also. Since everything is available in Walmart right from books, electronics, clothe, home appliances, automotive supplies computers, mobile phones and everything under the sun and these gifts cards can be used to purchase any item, they become even more valuable. Say you have a $100 gift card, you can purchase any item from Walmart and get a discount for $100.

So how do you get gift cards? Well, there are many marketing companies which offer them for free. All you have to do is take part in the surveys the marketing companies conduct and Walmart Gift Cards. Surveys are the easiest ways to earn gift cards because you are not doing anything other than sharing about your opinion. Marketing companies need your opinion on different topics for their market research. Since they cant force everyone to take part in the survey, they offer Walmart gift cards for those who take party in these surveys.

To win more Walmart gift cards, take part in as many surveys as possible, in the end you will have more gift cards. Some websites give you free Walmart gift coupons just for visiting their sites, clicking ad banners etc. if you have an ebay account, you can see many people sell Walmart gift coupons for cheaper price. If you get them is a good deal, dont miss to buy.

Social media sites are another way of getting Walmart coupons. Some companies give away gift cards just by following them. Many companies give away coupons on their Facebook business pages. Search for Walmart gift cards in Facebook often to find out who is giving. Be aware that there are bogus websites you have to be careful of.

How to Buy Songs on iTunes With a Gift Card-TradeTang

An iTunes gift card gives you funds to with which you can download new music to add to your iPod or iPhone. Redeeming the card is quick and easy. You’ll be listening to new tunes within minutes.

How iTunes Gift Cards Works Apple, Inc. sells iTunes gift cards with a variety of credit amounts. Customers can purchase the itunes gift card online or at a variety of stores. The gift card recipient must add the gift card to his iTunes account before he can start downloading music.Wholesale iTunes Gifts Cards at discount prices from TradeTang.

The Facts Locate the number on the back of your iTunes gift card. You might need to scratch off the silver film to reveal it. Open the iTunes application on your computer. Click on “iTunes Store” and log in. Click “Redeem” on the upper right side of your iTunes screen (under the header “Quick Links”) and enter the 16-digit code. Click “Redeem” to add the funds to your account. You may now purchase music using the itune gift card balance.

Considerations Every time you purchase a song, iTunes will deduct the cost from the available credit. You will need to use a credit card if your iTunes purchase exceeds the amount of the gift card balance.

They make great presents for holidays, birthdays, and any occasion. You can buy iTunes gift cards online now, and have them ready for any event. Don’t get caught without a present or run out of time to go shopping ever again! Since they are available in different denominations, you can get all your shopping done at once. Buy $25 or $50 cards for everyone on your shopping list.

References iTunes Gift Card Online: As the leading marketplace for cheap itunes gift card from all over China,TradeTang provides itunes gift cards suppliers list for our customers, and uses ESCROW system to protect buyer’s benefit. Buyer can buy itune gift card at wholesale price from a wide range of Chinese itunes gift card online wholesalers after comparing all the quotation, So just enjoy yourself to import adult bear costume from China today!

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Gift Card Provider

Gift cards are an important part of sales for many businesses. First Data reports that the number of gift cards sold during the first half of 2010 grew significantly over the number sold during the same period in 2009. Sellers experienced a year-over-year monthly sales increase from February through June. April was the peak month with a 12.8 percent jump in sales.

In these tough economic times, it is vitally important for a business to develop a strong gift card program. Here are 5 tips and suggestions that will help your company prosper in this important part of growing a business.

1. Do not choose a plastic gift card printing company without doing adequate research. It is important to find a plastic card printer who understands your business and with whom you can build a long-term relationship. Some companies try hard not only to make money for themselves, but also to find creative ways to increase your profit margins. Ask for references; then ask appropriate questions of customers of the companies you are considering using. A key question is: -How helpful is this plastic gift card printer in dealing with issues and resolving problems?-

2. Avoid going to a company that doesn’t offer a complete menu of services. Your plastic card printer should have an art department to help you design your card and a well-developed step-by-step process that keeps you in charge. If they have upgrades and options, it will be easier to find exactly the product that you want and need. The company should have customer service representatives who work well with you.

3. Don’t fail to evaluate a plastic card printer’s attitude and the company’s corporate culture. You need a company whose employees are passionate about their work. Their attitude will be demonstrated by excellent performance in such things as a short lead time and an excellent on-time delivery record.

4. Do not seek a gift cards manufacturer based on price alone. A company manufacturing in America may cost a little more than one located in a foreign country. Having the capacity to quickly resolve problems and make quick changes, however, will be far more important than the difference in cost.

5. Avoid doing business with a manufacturer who does not practice the highest standard of ethics. In your customers mind, the quality of your gift card is a direct reflection of your business. Ryan Burke is a principal with Plastic Print Solutions. a plastic card printer located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Plastic Print Solutions is a leader in online ordering of bulk and individual gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and other printed plastic card needs. Ryan can be reached at 877.889.1969 or .

How To Get The Right Postcard Postage

If you are doing postcard marketing for your business, then it is very essential that you do some basic search about this marketing strategy. There are few things that you should keep in mind such as postcard design, message, printing services, postcard template, postcard postage, mailing service, targeted audience, or postcard material.

When it comes to postcard postage, you can create postcard in any size but the average size of postcard should be 6×4. There are some rules that are set by USPS. To be successful mailing and postcard marketing campaign, you need to follow them. Your postcard should not be smaller than 3.5 x 5 and thickness should be 0.007 no more – it is the rule set by USPS.

If you want to create large postcard, then you should be prepared to pay some extra postage fee for it. While preparing postcard for marketing campaign, keep in mind the prices for local international postcard mailings. There are less fee for domestic and international. Postcard with large and thick material will inflate your budget even further. Standard rate for domestic first class mail is almost fixed but international rate fluctuates.

Here are the prices for postage service, set by USPS (United States Postal Service);

Mailing ServicePriceWeight or Size Restrictions

Standard postage thick maximum$0.28 Minimum3.5 inches high by 5 inches long 007 inch thick Maximum: 6 inches long by 4.25 inches high by 0.016 inch thick

First-Class Mail$0.44Maximum11 1/2 inches long by 6 1/8 inches high by 1/4 inch thick

First-Class International MailGroup 1: $0.75 Group 2: $0.79 Groups 3-9: $0.98Same size constraints as First-Class mail, up to 3.5 ounces

So, before you start work on your postcard marketing campaign, you need to first think about the destination of postcard. Postcards going internationally will have to go by international mail, no exceptions. Otherwise, sending domestic postcards gives you the freedom to choose your service based on how quickly you would like it to arrive, and whether you’d like it sorted with or apart from regular bulk mail.

Oversized postcard, exceeding the maximum criteria of First-class mail can be overcharged you or you may have to pay double charges for the postage such as $0.88 or $1.24 (internationally). The postcards that falls within the limitations of USPS rules but its maximum allowable weight get escalated rate according to its weight such $0.95. You can pick postcard stamp from the local post office or in some countries it can be picked by online websites.

Importance Of Business Card Design And Printing

Usually a business card belongs to specific person serving a specific organization. The business cards symbolize both the individual as well as organization. Therefore, it has vital importance because of this dual representation. For others your business card is the messenger of your business that transmits several unique messages about your company, its business and quality of service. Therefore, you cannot overlook its importance for your business.

Just assume a situation, where you are waiting for a meeting with a corporate client. Normally your business card reaches to the corporate representative before you. In such cases, the business card is the first impression of your business. The client will make an imaginary picture about you and your organization by juts looking at your business cards. That means more attractive and informative business cards can guarantee a better first image in front of your clients and end recipients.

Now you are aware with the importance of your business cards, so whenever you plan ordering a set of business cards for your company, always keep its final look and feel in mind. The very basics of a successful business card design is its attraction and information print on it. Mandatory information like company logo, contact info and popular products or services should be present on every business card.

Consult a professional graphic designer for designing your company logo or departmental logo (in some cases). Tell them your business domain, and your vision for business. They will provide you an attractive and professional looking logo, specially designed for your business cards. May be he can provide you the complete design of business card according to the layout and information to be printed.

After completion of business card designing process, you need to find an expert business card printing service provider with several years of excellence in providing quality business card printing service. Nowadays different type of printing technology is available with unique features. The most popular is full color offset printing. It’s the easiest and cheapest way of printing business cards. Another popular method of printing business card is thermography. It is used in raised-letter printing of business cards.

However, one thing that is important to consider is the business card design and business vertical. Too flashy and multi colored business cards will not suit Doctors and Advocates. Similarly, single color or plain business cards can’t do justice with an Architect or Interior Designer. That means there should be a fair integration between the business and business cards for a better support.