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April, 2015:

Tips for Color Printing and Postcard Marketing

There are many businesses that are misinterpreted about the marketing. Many business owners assume it only as a fancy way of presenting your business products and services but they don’t realize the importance of marketing element in the growth of business. The marketing is an important factor that can bring success to your business. It is the perfect way of creating a connection between your customers.

Remember, increasing market share needs your good marketing strategies that can generate business leads for your business. It is very important that you need to understand the purpose of marketing. Marketing takes good points in your business. With the help of marketing message your customers your customers can know more about you and understand the qualities of your products and services. If you successfully understand your marketing message to your customers, you can definitely get positive response rate from your customers.

In this modern era, you can find a number of ways of marketing. Some are designed with the help of latest technologies and some of them are traditional. The one way of marketing that is simple, traditional and effective named as postcards. The postcards are the effective way of communication between you and your customers in a more personal level.

Ofcourse, postcards need your attention and care. You need to design well before sending it to your customers. Design a message and image that can reflect each other meanings. You can use color postcards as well. Colors bring meaning to your message. Colorful postcards are very important in your business. Eyes love to see colors and they are trained to move towards the beautiful colors. If you look at the bulletin boards, you will notice that you first notice the bright colors. Colors are best way to evoke your targeted audience feelings and emotions to encourage people to take actions.

Here are tips that are helpful in bringing successful postcard design Always use right bright colors according to your business needs. Try to understand the meaning of each color and pick the right one for your postcard. Colors have following meanings such as yellow – warmth, black – elegance, red – power etc.

Highlight the important details and points in your postcards. Colors should be complement to each other and match effectively. You need to be creative in creating and choosing your colors

Colorful postcards are little more expensive but the end results will definitely favorable The creating of postcards is easy due to modern technologies. You need to find a reputed and best printing company. Keep in mind, colors cannot make any effective design of your postcard; you still need to make effective postcard design and message.

Make Eye Contact For Persuasive Speeches

Robert Abbott
Speakers and presenters have more tools in their toolboxes than those who write. Why? Because in addition to words, speakers can also use their voices, body language, and eye contact to make persuasive speeches.

Think about eye contact. Jurors in important court cases repeatedly disclose they didn’t believe the evidence of a witness because the witness failed to look them in the eye. In North America, you will hear that some native persons are wrongly sent to jail as their way of life considers it inappropriate to look directly at another person for too long. Which means non-native officers of the court and juries may
aboriginals are insincere, when they’re really just being polite.

Accordingly, when you need to deliver presentations that persuade, make strong eye contact with people in the audience. Keep that focus on audience members long enough to ensure each one you contact thinks that you’re making the speech just for them.
You can also use eye contact in reverse, to speak.. As making visual contact, you are reading the audience as well. When you catch sight of folded arms over the chest, fidgeting, or other signs of non-receptiveness, then change your delivery. That may mean changing the presentation, or wrapping up right away. Sometimes the best persuasive speeches are short speeches.

When you see that the audience has lost, or is losing interest, then speed up the delivery by speaking faster for a paragraph or two. Likewise, alterations in pitch and loudness can also change receptiveness among people in the audience. Curiously, talking softly can be equally as effective in a persuasive speech as speaking loudly, because you force the audience to concentrate to hear you.

If you use these tactics, you’ll need to speed up your eye contact, spending less time on each person and watching the reactions of more people. In this recovery procedure, the aim is to get a fast read on the results of your corrective actions. After you have them back, you can extend each eye contact longer. Summing up, what is may count for just as much as what you say in a persuasive speech.

How To Get Postcard Printing Advantage Quickly

Are you looking for the new idea of advertising? Then why don’t you consider postcard marketing? This is one of the proven marketing strategies. Postcards are inexpensive and simple to produce. Today, postcards are available in a number of colors. In the past, they are only available in black and white colors. However, despite the use of colors, if you still want to use postcards black and white for your business then you can go for it. If you want to see samples of postcards, you can visit the market or you can research online printing services. Postcard marketing can give you more personal appeal to your customers that you are looking for.

In these economic times, we don’t to spend more amounts on advertising, but thanks to technology. Online printing services have provided the solution of this problem. There are many online printing companies that are multitude in their processing time. They can process your order within 24 hours. They even don’t demand full amount of money until their customers satisfied with their work.

You can download different templates to design your model postcard. The people who face difficulties in making the right design of postcard such as their design, templates, and colors, templates provide them the solution. You can even find many online letterheads, sticker, cards, and postcards through online printers. Check the greener option as well because some of printing companies provides the services of recycled paper. This paper not helps the environment but also looks very fine when finished.

You can use postcards for various purpose, event postcards, engagements postcards, birthday postcards, business postcards, holiday postcards etc. You can choose postcard marketing strategy for any reason because postcard marketing gives pleasure to your business with personal touch. Postcards give you exciting options such as fun, inexpensive and creative.

If you are looking for the great marketing tools and strategies such as business cards or something for special events such as holiday, birthday or any surprise event then postcards are best way to choose. Postcards can fulfill your all marketing needs. They could look like personal wishes, a professional greeting, business ads, business billboards, announcement of new business news or event. They can also be used as promoting your business products and services. You can offer discount rates to your customers. If you offer discounts for a limited period of time then you will definitely get highest response rate. Best of luck!

Food For Your Catch frogs Favorites Clash With Frog


Frog Clash HD($1.99) by Till and Michaela Maginot is a fast-paced adventure with four frogs. The goal is simple catch food for your frogs. However, the user must be careful not to accidentally eat the wrong elements. This is where the challenge is at stake are several bugs, you can feed them, but there are also several bugs and items you can not feed them. The user must have fast hand and eye coordination to catch the right items to feed the frogs.

The game uses a design comparable to that of popular titles such as Angry Birds and cut rope. Thats because they use a points system, which is then rated on a scale of one to three stars, just like the other two titles. Usually we like to see the originality in games, but the points system and the star seems to be emerging in many titles these days and thats fine. The game also features several stations(chapters), each with their own levels.
Although the game is available on both the iPhone and iPad, the graphics are not very impressive on the IPAD. They seemed to lack clarity. We also encountered a glitch that we hope will be audio addressed in a future update.
Overall, the software offers a fun fast game pace, with a simple goal and levels of increasingly difficult. Integration with Facebook and Twitter and many levels, users are sure to enjoy this new title.

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The Truth About Infinity Cash Flow 2000 -infinity Cash Flow 2000

Infinity Cash Flow 2000 is a fairly new MLM company that has only been around for about 2 years but surprisingly it’s already expanding worldwide. It features an extremely profitable compensation plan as well as company training.

At first glimpse of the Infinity Cash Flow 2000 website, you might feel a little skeptical, because they make it seem so easy to make a thousand dollars per week. Apparently all you have to do is return a few phone calls, or send a few emails, to people who are waiting to hear from you; work 2 to 3 hours a day and you’re guaranteed $1,000 per week within your first three months. But…

What they DON’T want you to know is that 90% of those leads are either false claims or have fake information. The only reason those leads have filled out their request for information on a home business was to enter themselves into contests!

For example, I found one that all I had to do was complete two free surveys and I would be entered into a contest to win a $1,000 gift card for Wal-Mart…. Both of those surveys were requests for information on a home business.

But wait, it gets even better… Only 1 PERSON out of every MILLION will win! “Talk about a SCAM!”

I had to learn that the hard way… I went through almost a thousand of those leads without a single sign up. Let me say that again… 1000 LEADS and NOT a SINGLE sign up!! Can you imagine how exhausted I was?

I’ve learned that following the company training is never the right thing to do because they just want you to promote the company and their benefits. I’ve found that when I started using my own strategies and offered my own benefits, it separated me from the masses.

I use Technology to run my business on Auto-Pilot, and Strategies that only the top 0.1% money earners in the industry know about. And because of the Powerful Knowledge and Training I have to offer to my team, they are able to pass it on to their team, and so on, and so on… Now my team has become a HUGE Success!!

I hope this article has taught you more about Infinity Cash Flow 2000, and opened your eyes to the REAL TRUTH about what you can expect if you follow their training.

Postal rules for Postcard Marketing

It’s very important that you should understand the postal rules applicable to your state before you start promoting your business through postcard marketing. Be sure, that your postcard is able to reach your desired target audience otherwise you would just waste your time and money. Here, are rules and regulations of postcard mailing set by USPS, for US residents.


There are two types of postcards long and short, standard thickness for both postcards should be 3/16-, 5- mm. There are extra charges for oversize category. Get the weight limit of postcards. Standard maximum weight for both long and short postcards is set to 100 grams.

Size and weight

You should also consider the size of postcards if you exceed the required limit with only one millimeter it can make a big difference in your overall cost. Standard rectangular postcards have following dimensions: (height) 3-1/2- * (length) 5- * (thickness) 0.007- to (height) 4-1/4- * (length) 6- * (thickness) 0.016-. Layout

Design the postcard in a way that you leave enough space for stamps and address line. If you don’t leave that space you may have to sacrifice your postcard design after stamp and mailing address has been posted. You should not write anything on the postage area on the card except mailing address.

Barcode area

There is a barcode area located 5/8- from the bottom of postcard – where mailing address is printed on the back side of postcard. You should leave this area empty for barcode. You may not use barcode yourself but the post office will put postcard sticker on this area of postcard.

Printing service

Find an expert or professional printing company that offer different packages. Their package may include printing plus mailing service at low rates. For the bulk of postcards, printing companies offer lowest costs of printed and mailed postcards. Several printing companies are following USPS postal rules. So, always look for the legitimate and credible printing company.

Thus, these are some simple rules to follow before you decide about your postcard designs and materials. In order to save your money you should follow all these regulations otherwise you may have to pay extra charges on each of your postcard that can make a big difference in cost. It is one of the cost-effective marketing tool only if you follow the guidelines. Make sure, you have read all guidelines precisely to avoid money and time wastage.